Tweets for 2011-12-01

  • That neat evolutionary psychology waist to hip ratio story about female attractiveness? More complicated than that #
  • Last link from and via @PsychScientists – thanks guys! #
  • up to 10 fully funded PhD studentships to start in 2012 offered in Dept of Psychology at @sheffielduni #
  • And in other news, the University of Sheffield has been named "University of the Year" #
  • "We don't need to understand engines to drive a car, why do we need to understand code to use a computer?" says interviewer #
  • Correct analogy is "read maps". Without code you just drive your computer around your home town, never able to go anywhere new #radio4 #
  • Convinced that queues are the ideal experimental paradigm to investigate the construction and maintainence of social norms #
  • Senior Lectureship in Cognitive Science and Decision Making, University of Manchester #
  • Shalizi: "what is economically efficient is a function of our social arrangements, of who owns how much of what" #
  • From: the shire, To:Mordor. Via the M6 #
  • +1 day! Vaughan is the 99% RT @vaughanbell Just noticed that Mind Hacks blog is 7 years old today #
  • Giving a 'psychology for non-psychologists' talk next Thursday in Manchester. In a bar. Title "thinking meat" #
  • I'll be talking mind, brain and how to understand the self in an age of neuroscience #
  • RT @mariapage: Oh no… It's true… 🙁 Sad day for neuroscience "Obituary: Professor Jon Driver" – #
  • Great 2008 paper from @sianbeilock : When does haste make waste? Skilled motor perf. enhanced by prioritising speed #
  • Richard Shiffrin runs an annual Cognitive Science Conference, ASIC, held at different outdoor adventure sites #
  • RT @Psych_Writer Dodgy research practices are rife in psychology. Details of an alarming new survey: #

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