Tweets for 2011-12-15

  • I cut the freewill stuff from my talk 2nite RT @sciammind: most popular on the site now: "Is Free Will an Illusion?" #
  • RT @alokjha: the Guardian: Results of publicly funded research will be open access – science minister #
  • Selling traditionally feminine products to men, drawing on ridiculous stereotypes of masculinity via @frankieroberto #
  • "Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy."
    Joseph Campbell – via @DigiWorldSheff #
  • RT @bakadesuyo: What's an excellent productivity secret we can learn from Jerry Seinfeld? #
  • I wrote this free ebook about your visual blindspot. It's creative commons licensed, and a scientific adventure #
  • "learning by reviewing" students who mark peer's papers improve in writing more than if they just read peer's papers #
  • HI afternoon people – I've released a free ebook it's a scientific travel guide. And the cover is a picture of my eye #
  • Nearly 1000 downloads today of my new free ebook about the visual blind spot #
  • This is approximately 999 more readers than for any scientific paper I've written #
  • Congratulations to @totalshowman for passing his PhD viva with minor corrections (my 1st supervisee to write up). Well done Tom! #
  • Great interactive map from the Australian showing global student migration patterns: sources and destinations #
  • Gone to dance with Aunty – RIP Russell Hoban #
  • Neurocognitive literature digest. Banana domestication to the dreams of the deaf. A cornucopia of awesome links #
  • Mediators vs Moderators – finally had to get this distinction clear in my head. This helped: #

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