Tweets for 2011-12-22

  • Trusty et al (2004) Practical Guide for Reporting Effect Sizes reassuring name #
  • Trivia stats: we have 354 female undergraduates in my department. Of these, only 19 (5%) choose to be referrred to as Ms rather than Miss #
  • We have 75 male undergraduates, none of whom have to make a choice and are all on the system as "mr" #
  • Trying to explain to my mum about the peer review process. Any links more useful than this, the Downfall spoof? #
  • Tweenbots are human-dependent cardboard robots that navigate the city with the help of pedestrians they encounter. #
  • Nice design "Spaghetti measuring tool. Small, adult and family portion." #
  • Next semester I run a module about controversies in cognitive neuroscience. We need a new controversy to consider. Any suggestions? #
  • Good suggestion @alexfradera @tomstafford voodoo correlations? <— phrased as Q: "Does fMRI analysis produce spurious results?" #
  • Suggested controversies for my cog neuro class: voodoo correlations/publication bias in fMRI, mirror neurons, fMRI evidence in court. (1/2) #
  • (2/2) plus effects of meditation. Any more? #
  • APA manuscript formatting guide from Purdue Owl #
  • Sheffield Psychology department spring seminar series now online #

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