Tweets for 2012-03-01

  • The Drop the Health Bill petition is now the most popular No. 10 e-petition, with 158,680 signatures #
  • Futurology and the Uses of Fiction by @AlecPatton #
  • "Without a putative task analysis, interpreting functional imaging results is little better than reading the tea leaves" Shallice & Cooper #
  • That quote used in a great review of the book in the latest @psychmag #
  • Received 14 June 1995; accepted 8 May 2006 Available online 8 October 2008

    Academic publishing is fantastically broken #

  • London here I come #
  • Tomorrow: visiting @Preloaded in Old Street. Anyone on Silicon Roundabout fancy lunch? @genmon? #
  • Obituary of the Department's Prof. Michael Siegal #
  • "the whole industry is somewhere between hopeful speculation and a rip-off" me quoted on Brain Training in the National #
  • Oh look – a new column by me at @BBC_Future is up "Do we all see the same colours?" in UK link: #
  • Come and be a colleague of mine in Sheffield "We're hiring" #
  • Important context on that "Psychologists Legally Required to Dress As Wizards" story #
  • In case you missed this last night: Come and be a colleague of mine in Sheffield "We're hiring" #
  • Howl for the digital age RT @mikedewar: I saw the greatest minds of my generation… #
  • 13th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW13) to be held in San Sebastian (Spain) from July 12-14, 2012: #
  • Is Willpower just Working Memory? New paper by Alan Baddeley and colleagues explores links between social and cog psych #
  • British Neuropsychological Society Meeting, London, 28-29th of March #
  • Surely to really recreate the effect of the BBC Micro, everything else has to be as boring as the 1980s? @Raspberry_Pi #
  • Funded PhDs in "Search and Rescue" network with engineering and comp sci. I am co-supervising project 3 #
  • RT @BrainStraining @Neurobonkers shows you how to lie with questionnaires #
  • RT @brainpicker Mozilla introduces Collusion, an experimental tool that allows you to see who's tracking you online #

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