Tweets for 2012-03-08

  • .@HelenMort considers poetry and the dreaming brain #
  • RT @vaughanbell: Amazing @Radiolab short on nightmares and lucid dreaming #
  • I wish I was still at school so I could go to this Schools Videogame Festival in july #
  • Excellent paper: "For the law, neuroscience changes nothing and everything" (Greene & Cohen, 2004) #
  • "Sheffield Ladies Wot Tech Celebrate International Women's Day" #Sheffield #
  • So do I know anyone with experience of hacking the Google Analytics data export API? #
  • This is exactly the sort of thing that never happens to me What's the secret to serendipity @underscrutiny? #
  • Hilariously bad dualism on this wikipedia page "Laughter is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain" #
  • "A laugh is characterized by a series of short vowel-like notes (syllables), each about 75 milliseconds long" #
  • "chimpanzee laughter occurs almost exclusively during physical contact" Another gem from #
  • It occurs to me that laughter could be a great measure of implicit bias. You can't control it, but it is also fundamentally social #
  • Man tickling a gorilla Love the BBC! #
  • The paper from that article "Reconstructing the Evolution of Laughter in Great Apes and Humans" #
  • "Laughter among deaf signers" RT @yaxuprime Was wondering if laughter is inherently vocal, apparently so #
  • "Why do we need to sleep?" my latest column for @BBC_Future #
  • We can make you laugh, by electrical stimulation of the cingulate cortex but it ain't funny #
  • In blog comments @maxcoltheart is educating me It's sad there aren't more academic fora for this kind of discssion #
  • "Piéron’s Law and Optimal Behavior in Perceptual Decision-Making" (van Maanen et al, 2012) #
  • It would have been Townes Van Zandt's birthday today #
  • "Read-Right aims to provide free rehabilitation to patients with Hemianopic Alexia" #
  • Gamma band synchronisation is 91% heritable that is an UNHOLY amount of genetic determinism in the visual system #
  • Academics: I've conducted a simple study showing that using a wiki improves my students' exam grades. Which journal would publish this? #
  • And, yes, I know the control condition is crucial. What i've done is neat/convincing but not conclusive (ie not Nature territory) #
  • .@JStro_ And it's open access now – very fitting! #
  • Robust, but slightly shrill, retort by Bargh to Doyen's criticisms of his classic elderly-prime/walking time study #

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