Tweets for 2012-03-15

  • Scholarly debate in action: blogs have a special place in debate, not served by journals #
  • Read @whimsley exploding some fashionable nonsense about trends in publishing #
  • Including a link to this, which argues that the internet has *narrowed* popular discourse, not widened it #
  • And this, which is a neat experimental study of how social influence affects success of cultural products #
  • All win RT @criener: Did a 3D sidewalk chalk drawing with my Sensation and Perception class today! Cool stuff. #
  • Trying to find details of a story I remember about a footballer whose superstition was always to be last out the dressing room #
  • Am writing about personal rituals for @BBC_Future. Here's a good post on soccer superstitions #
  • "10 Most Superstitious Athletes" #
  • Dickinson and Balleine (2000). Causal cognition and goal-directed action a classic #
  • "Share your life experiences" #
  • Finished my column. Would like to include some fun examples of personal superstitions / rituals of the famous, alive or dead. Suggestions? #
  • "Forget your generalized audience." Six Tips on Writing from John Steinbeck via @brainpicker #
  • Browse recently submitted PhD theses from Leeds, York and Sheffield the scholarly diversity fills me with joy #
  • On thursday I'm talking at Psychology in the Pub on how we're "Thinking Meat" #sheffield #
  • And here's a UK readable link for my column "Why can smells unlock forgotten memories?" #
  • Excitement in the lab as @thundercauldron shows off his new continuous flash suppression technique, allowing subliminal priming. Neat-o #
  • "Lego Robots! Subliminal messages! Britney Spears! Pirates! And a no-holds-bared personal revelation" tomorrow folks! #

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