Tweets for 2012-08-09

  • Take a tour of Sheffield Music City, courtesy of @PublicityDept #
  • Struggling to generate many examples of sentences without the letters "I" and "K", for an experiment. #
  • That's 1 down, just need 29 more! RT @thefalken: @tomstafford "A sentence with no letters has none." #
  • "not just useless piffle about technology; it is also an endorsement of some rather noxious political ideas" BOOM! #
  • Ok twitter, now I need example sentences which don't contain the letters O or L. Can you help? #
  • My latest for @BBC_Future now up on mindhacks a cautionary tale of scientific research with an Olympic theme #
  • Amazing visualisation of the global arms trade Campaign Against the Arms trade #
  • The great E.C. Tolman, on what 'rat psychology' can teach us about academic freedom via @criener @EPCharles #
  • Using implicit memory to store passwords. A sort of behavioural biometrics via @Neuro_Skeptic #
  • A doctor referred to as cDa29…'is the first tetrachromat known to science' via @neuroconscience #
  • Editor's final demand b4 publication: remove all use of 1st person plural. Means I have to edit my paper to make it harder to read! #
  • Is also against APA style #
  • Do you have an advanced degree in maths/eng and could solve a theoretical problem with a robot art project? #
  • We will pay you in pure kudos if you can help! if you live in Sheffield, beer too #
  • Wow twitter, you are super helpful on a Tuesday night! Thanks for all the RTs and replies. I've got some great leads on a solution… #
  • …if anyone wants to do some of the work, i'm still open to that too! Knowing the answer != implementing the answer #
  • So, people of Sheffield, what would you like to see at your very own Festival of Science? #

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