Tweets for 2012-08-16

  • AHRC "science in culture" theme is the pun deliberate? #
  • Upcoming call for AHRC Science in Culture theme large grants #
  • I am about to be on BBC Radio Sheffield to discuss this amnesia case 'The woman who has lost 20 years from her memory' #
  • Crowd-sourced analysis of terms of service. next stop: an app that reads contracts, tells you how standard they are #
  • More olympics psychology from me on @BBC_Future. UK readable link "Olympic lessons in regret" #
  • New in Cog Sci from M Mirolli: analysing when a minimally cognitive agent develops representations #
  • Academic Colleagues: I recommend caution when dealing with @Podiumfor2012, who I have found to be manipulative and deceitful #
  • HP Printers and Scanners have good linux support. Hurrah for HP! #
  • Author of the great blog leaves important update on my "red for victory" column: #
  • And he's on twitter as @brainsidea. Thanks for the comment Richard! #
  • Just booked my flights for New York in September. Who fancies a beer? #
  • Now on my column for @BBC_Future, "what a silver medal can teach us about regret" #
  • RIP Duncan Luce, author of the bible "Response Times and their role in infering elementary mental organisation" #
  • Driskell's (1994) meta-analysis of the benefits of mental practice short story: it works #
  • Imagining how you'll study leads to better grades than imagining why you should study #
  • Recommended source for a history of the behaviourism-cognitivism debate in psychology anyone? #
  • Now live: Stafford & Bell (2012): Brain network: social media and the cognitive scientist cc @vaughanbell #
  • Featuring: twitter! cognitive science! Glamourous neurotweeps such as @deevybee and @edyong209! Get it while it's hot #
  • Our article on how social media are transforming science now FREE to access, because @TrendsCognSci get it #

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