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Tweets for 2012-03-29

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Psychology’s missing link

Affordance links perception to action, as it links a creature to its environment. It links both to cognition, because it relates to meaning. Mean­ing is in the world, as much as in the mind, because meaning involves the appropriateness of an organism’s actions to its surroundings

Eleanor Gibson, in Gibson, E. J. (1988). Exploratory behavior in the development of perceiving, acting, and the acquiring of knowledge. Annual review of psychology, 39(1), 1–42.

Links for March-February 2012

Tweets for 2012-03-22

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Tweets for 2012-03-15

  • Scholarly debate in action: blogs have a special place in debate, not served by journals #
  • Read @whimsley exploding some fashionable nonsense about trends in publishing #
  • Including a link to this, which argues that the internet has *narrowed* popular discourse, not widened it #
  • And this, which is a neat experimental study of how social influence affects success of cultural products #
  • All win RT @criener: Did a 3D sidewalk chalk drawing with my Sensation and Perception class today! Cool stuff. #
  • Trying to find details of a story I remember about a footballer whose superstition was always to be last out the dressing room #
  • Am writing about personal rituals for @BBC_Future. Here's a good post on soccer superstitions #
  • "10 Most Superstitious Athletes" #
  • Dickinson and Balleine (2000). Causal cognition and goal-directed action a classic #
  • "Share your life experiences" #
  • Finished my column. Would like to include some fun examples of personal superstitions / rituals of the famous, alive or dead. Suggestions? #
  • "Forget your generalized audience." Six Tips on Writing from John Steinbeck via @brainpicker #
  • Browse recently submitted PhD theses from Leeds, York and Sheffield the scholarly diversity fills me with joy #
  • On thursday I'm talking at Psychology in the Pub on how we're "Thinking Meat" #sheffield #
  • And here's a UK readable link for my column "Why can smells unlock forgotten memories?" #
  • Excitement in the lab as @thundercauldron shows off his new continuous flash suppression technique, allowing subliminal priming. Neat-o #
  • "Lego Robots! Subliminal messages! Britney Spears! Pirates! And a no-holds-bared personal revelation" tomorrow folks! #

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Tweets for 2012-03-08

  • .@HelenMort considers poetry and the dreaming brain #
  • RT @vaughanbell: Amazing @Radiolab short on nightmares and lucid dreaming #
  • I wish I was still at school so I could go to this Schools Videogame Festival in july #
  • Excellent paper: "For the law, neuroscience changes nothing and everything" (Greene & Cohen, 2004) #
  • "Sheffield Ladies Wot Tech Celebrate International Women's Day" #Sheffield #
  • So do I know anyone with experience of hacking the Google Analytics data export API? #
  • This is exactly the sort of thing that never happens to me What's the secret to serendipity @underscrutiny? #
  • Hilariously bad dualism on this wikipedia page "Laughter is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain" #
  • "A laugh is characterized by a series of short vowel-like notes (syllables), each about 75 milliseconds long" #
  • "chimpanzee laughter occurs almost exclusively during physical contact" Another gem from #
  • It occurs to me that laughter could be a great measure of implicit bias. You can't control it, but it is also fundamentally social #
  • Man tickling a gorilla Love the BBC! #
  • The paper from that article "Reconstructing the Evolution of Laughter in Great Apes and Humans" #
  • "Laughter among deaf signers" RT @yaxuprime Was wondering if laughter is inherently vocal, apparently so #
  • "Why do we need to sleep?" my latest column for @BBC_Future #
  • We can make you laugh, by electrical stimulation of the cingulate cortex but it ain't funny #
  • In blog comments @maxcoltheart is educating me It's sad there aren't more academic fora for this kind of discssion #
  • "Piéron’s Law and Optimal Behavior in Perceptual Decision-Making" (van Maanen et al, 2012) #
  • It would have been Townes Van Zandt's birthday today #
  • "Read-Right aims to provide free rehabilitation to patients with Hemianopic Alexia" #
  • Gamma band synchronisation is 91% heritable that is an UNHOLY amount of genetic determinism in the visual system #
  • Academics: I've conducted a simple study showing that using a wiki improves my students' exam grades. Which journal would publish this? #
  • And, yes, I know the control condition is crucial. What i've done is neat/convincing but not conclusive (ie not Nature territory) #
  • .@JStro_ And it's open access now – very fitting! #
  • Robust, but slightly shrill, retort by Bargh to Doyen's criticisms of his classic elderly-prime/walking time study #

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Tweets for 2012-03-01

  • The Drop the Health Bill petition is now the most popular No. 10 e-petition, with 158,680 signatures #
  • Futurology and the Uses of Fiction by @AlecPatton #
  • "Without a putative task analysis, interpreting functional imaging results is little better than reading the tea leaves" Shallice & Cooper #
  • That quote used in a great review of the book in the latest @psychmag #
  • Received 14 June 1995; accepted 8 May 2006 Available online 8 October 2008

    Academic publishing is fantastically broken #

  • London here I come #
  • Tomorrow: visiting @Preloaded in Old Street. Anyone on Silicon Roundabout fancy lunch? @genmon? #
  • Obituary of the Department's Prof. Michael Siegal #
  • "the whole industry is somewhere between hopeful speculation and a rip-off" me quoted on Brain Training in the National #
  • Oh look – a new column by me at @BBC_Future is up "Do we all see the same colours?" in UK link: #
  • Come and be a colleague of mine in Sheffield "We're hiring" #
  • Important context on that "Psychologists Legally Required to Dress As Wizards" story #
  • In case you missed this last night: Come and be a colleague of mine in Sheffield "We're hiring" #
  • Howl for the digital age RT @mikedewar: I saw the greatest minds of my generation… #
  • 13th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW13) to be held in San Sebastian (Spain) from July 12-14, 2012: #
  • Is Willpower just Working Memory? New paper by Alan Baddeley and colleagues explores links between social and cog psych #
  • British Neuropsychological Society Meeting, London, 28-29th of March #
  • Surely to really recreate the effect of the BBC Micro, everything else has to be as boring as the 1980s? @Raspberry_Pi #
  • Funded PhDs in "Search and Rescue" network with engineering and comp sci. I am co-supervising project 3 #
  • RT @BrainStraining @Neurobonkers shows you how to lie with questionnaires #
  • RT @brainpicker Mozilla introduces Collusion, an experimental tool that allows you to see who's tracking you online #

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